The First 20 Hours, How To Learn Anything, Josh Kaufman, Accelerated Learning

Twenty Hours

(1) Determine your desired outcome (what is it precisely that you want to be able to do?); (2) Purpose to commit to a minimum of twenty hours (necessary to get over the initial obstacles/hardship/frustration barrier); (3) Deconstruct the Skill (break down the skill into smaller chunks and break those chunks down into smaller ones, etc.); (4) Learn enough to self correct (Get three to five resources on the subject, read as you go along, don’t delay just to read, read so that you can keep going); (5) Remove distractions and other obstacles; (6) Practice the most important pieces first (when pieces are equally important, and not necessarily sequential, practice the easiest ones first); (7) Practice for 45m a day for a month…. period; (8) Learn, quickly, to get over the emotional barriers (the fears of looking or feeling stupid / the temptation to give up / the proclivity to switch to something new).

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