Music: Savoir aimer: Florent Pagny

Lyrics below…

Knowing how to smile
To an unknown woman passing by
Not keeping any trace of it
Except pleasure

Knowing how to love
Without waiting for anything in return
without regard/consideration, without great love
Not even the hope of being loved

But knowing how to give
Giving without taking back
doing nothing but learning
Learning how to love
Loving without waiting
Loving on the whole [or “taking everything into account”]
Learning how to smile
Only for the gesture, without wanting the rest
And learning how to live…
And going away

Knowing how to wait
Tasting this utter happiness
That you were so desperate to find
That you receive it, as if by mistake
Picturing yourself believing
To fool the fear of the emptiness [or void]
Fixed in yourself like wrinkles
Tarnishing the mirrors


Knowing how to suffer
In silence, without a murmur
Neither defense nor armor
Suffering unto wanting to die
And picking yourself up
As you are reborn from your own ashes
With so much overflowing love
That you can forget the past


Learning how to dream
Dreaming for two
Just by closing your eyes
And knowing how to give
Giving without cancellation (crossing out) or half-measure
Learning how to stay
Wanting to stay until the end,
despite everything
Learning how to love
And going away…

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