Supplements: Copper: Zinc: “Copper to Zinc: Achieving the Right Balance” | Deanna Minich

“The common saying, “too much of a good thing,” does have a place in nutrition. Like Goldilocks, the body prefers a happy medium, and too little and too much of many essential vitamins and minerals can lead to imbalances and health problems. Many nutrients also work as antagonists with one another, which can mean that when one is too high, it causes the other to become too low, which could increase your susceptibility to certain acute or chronic conditions. No pair better exemplifies this than zinc and copper. When your copper to zinc ratio becomes too high, it can lead to health problems. Before we go too far into the relationship of these two essential minerals, let’s review the basics…”

Click Copper to Zinc: Achieving the Right Balance | Deanna Minich for the rest of the article.

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