Music: Political: Childish Gambino-This Is America

[Note:Occasional Use of Language and Violent/Suggestive Imagery]

Both the song and the video are profound, covering much of what is going on, negatively, in America. The lyrics highlight the excess: materialism, hedonism, consumerism, and me-ism of the day. The movements show forth the increasing use of buffoonery and hyper-effemininity in modern hip-hop dance. The violence aspects (police and intra-community) are covered as is the rioting we’ve seen from time to time in the last year or so. The problems with the occult and false (pseudo-Christian) church are depicted as well [note the “left eye” (of horus) “insane face” early on and later the choir getting shot for “preaching” the false prosperity gospel’s “get money” message]. The use of barely articulate, hardly enunciated, dumbed-down lyrics (often quoting/imitating other rappers) also directs our attention towards hip-hop/society and how far it has fallen. This was powerful… if you can read between the lines. Once again, Mr. Glover shows just how talented he is (being an accomplished comedian, songwriter, singer, rapper, screenwriter, television actor, movie actor, and now it seems… political commentator); the question is how will he use that talent, and power, going forth…

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