Health: Supplement Playlist (Updated Quite Regularly)

Q: Why Do I Add Four To Ten Videos For Each Supplement? Isn’t That A Bit Much?
A: Firstly, the multiple sources sometimes have slightly differing views (e.g. on dosage, best means of intake, benefit emphasis, etc.); I want to provide as holistic a resource as reasonably possible, to serve as a better springboard for you to dive into your own research. Secondly, repetition of the information, especially when there are slight differences in the delivery, focus, etc., increases information absorption, internalisation, retention, and utilisation. Admittedly, too much can be counter-productive; so if you are convinced that you have received all that you need on a particular supplement, skip the remaining videos on it, and move on to the next type. I strongly recommend (1) clicking to start the video playlist and then (2) clicking the word YouTube (bottom right section of the video) to view the playlist on YouTube itself; this will give you more control, allowing you to more easily skip certain videos, go back to the ones you wish to review, etc.

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