Personality Types: Wu Xing: Chinese Five Elements: Type Playlists

Wu Xing / Five Elements
(Personality Types)

WOOD Element Playlist

FIRE Element Playlist

EARTH Element Playlist

METAL Element Playlist

WATER Element Playlist

GENERAL Five Element Playlist


  • This is not an endorsement of the source author, their other works, their products, their courses/training, etc. In fact, some sites may be otherwise dangerous in their content. This site is aimed primarily at adults with the ability to discriminate….
  • So please, understand that I will take accurate information from any source and relay it so long as I give an adequate caveat/warning. If 90% of their site/channel is bunk, but the video I share is spot on, I have no problem sharing it (with some exceptions). If you choose to look at other articles/videos from the individual, it may be at your own risk.
  • Some may object to Five Element (Wu Xing) personality typing due to the heavy association of it
    with astrology. I reject astrology, have no desire to know my “future,” “destiny,” or “fate,” but am somewhat adept at recognising patterns that others sometimes fail to see. As with the MBTI, (Western) Big Five, Enneagram, Modern Physiognomic, and related systems of typing, the accuracy of this method is quite clear (though we must keep in mind that there is a vast degree of individual diversity within each type and type combo). As an example, I daily (and heavily) exhibit the attributes and traits associated with metal and water but not so much so the characteristics associated with wood, earth, and fire.
  • So dropping the mysticism and metaphysics (that do not need to be appended to the science of the matter — not being intrinsic to it), one can focus on the objective importance of the traits and patterns, gaining much insight into human personality distinctions as a result.

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