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“…People bristle when I sometimes adopt and use that term: “deep state.” But as an outside observer, watching the unmasking of the actions of one official after another at the FBI, CIA and DOJ, I have come to accept that an unelected group of well-educated, experienced individuals running these departments became inebriated with their own power during the last election campaign and apparently came to believe they were on a mission to stop, defeat or remove President Trump and his associates for crimes they would find or, if necessary, manufacture.

Perhaps Rosenstein was joking when he referenced the 25th Amendment, as another meeting participant reports. But Rosenstein’s statement in response to the news accounts carefully avoids denying having discussed wiring himself or others in some effort to entrap Trump. This cabal is meeting and planning, post-Comey’s firing, despite the fact that Rosenstein himself in his memo to President Trump said Comey was “wrong” and the FBI could not regain lost public trust without a new director who understood his errors…”

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Note: The President is also the Chief Executive Officer, and thus, is over the FBI and DOJ. In any other scenario, wherein the Democrats weren’t playiong this asinine game, Rosenstein would have been immediately fired for even “joking” (he claims) about wearing the wire and pushing the 25th Amendment narrative. Yet, The President knows that the minute he takes this obviously legitimate and defensible action, the swamp-creatures (possibly from both parties) will come forth to attack him. This is all establishment dishonour, disingenuity, and desperation,  May the swamp be drained quickly.

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