Human Analysis: Body Language: SCOTUS: Brett Kavanaugh & Christine Blasey Ford

Note: The commentator’s statements are noticeably lower in volume than the recorded hearing comments from Kavanaugh and Ford, so be careful (if you turn it up to hear the one giving the analysis, you may find the testimony volume too high for your eardrums…).

The analysis is interesting but she doesn’t come to a firm conclusion. I personally believe Kavanaugh is telling the truth. However, I believe that his answers regarding whether he would want judge to testify, or whether he would want an FBI investigation, are a bit evasive. However, I do not take this as a sign of guilt. Instead, I see it more closely fitting someone who is falsely accused, sees this whole thing as a sham, and who wants to agree to nothing that would prolong the hearings, prolong the media circus, or that would delay his confirmation. I cannot say with certainty whether he is guilty or innocent (that is what we have courts, with juries, and with the rule of law, for). However, I lean as strongly as one can (without truly knowing), towards his innocence, his sincere anger/sadness/disgust over these proceedings, and his desire to move beyond this debacle, this mess, that the Democratic (lack of) Leadership created by sitting on the accusation for over a month before springing the matter right before a vote.

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