Human Analysis: Body Language: SCOTUS: Christine Blasey Ford [Negative]

General Note: I will say outright that I did not find her testimony “compelling,” or “convincing,” for many of the reasons set forth in this video, and for other reasons not mentioned therein. However, I am a firm believer in providing both sides of the argument for others to likewise objectively review and consider. If I come across body language commentary on these hearings that portrays Mrs. Ford favourably, I will gladly publish it to this blog. If anyone knows of any, feel free to leave a comment with a link (so long as the overall video content doesn’t contain nudity, repeated use of vulgarity, and other things common to the radical left).

I will also be posting body language commentary concerning Judge Kavanaugh, both positive and negative as I can come across them. Note that I am starting with Mrs. Ford simply because this video concerning her came up first on my watch later list. I will post such videos as they come up on my feed and not in the order of the person, the stance concerning them, etc.. Finally, my interest in human analysis has spanned over two decades. Though I do not claim to be an expert, I am also not someone who is new to the matter. I find this analysis credible, others may not, but the viewer (ultimately) is the one who must decide.

Eye Cues: Those familiar with NLP will recognise the below. I am providing it to help better understand the video analysis the speaker is giving. Suffice to say that when facing a right-handed person who is recalling a visual memory (Vr), as opposed to imagining or constructing a visual image (Vc), there eyes will usually go up in the Vr direction. During the points where you would expect to see the visual memory recall cues (eye movements), there is either nothing, or something bordering on visual construction and not recall going on. Nevertheless, judge for yourselves.


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