Human Analysis: Body Language: SCOTUS: Judge Kavanaugh [Negative]

Note: As stated in the recent, related posts, I find Judge Kavanaugh believable/credible as to the overall charge against him. However, as also stated, I believe in putting forth both sides of the argument in such matters so I am sharing this one as well. The analysts put for th by ABC (fake news) make much of Kavanaugh placing his tongue against his cheek. One site states:

Pressed against the cheek it can indicate thinking and uncertainty. This can also indicate contempt and a form of duper’s delight, especially when done briefly.

Another site states the following:

The body language of a tongue in cheek has several meanings depending on the other nonverbals with which it is clustered. Here it is sexually provocative. Some of the other meanings include sadness or grief, “I gotcha” or “I just one”, an alpha dominant signal or even the telling of a lie.

Intriguingly the action of tongue in cheek helps to facilitate the suppression of other facial tells – such as duping delight (which often still is displayed a moment later) and it even may help to reduce the onset of tears in the setting of grief & sadness.

Moreover tongue in cheek displays tend to used one side when it is associated with an alpha signal (e.g. sexuality or I gotcha) and the opposite side when seen with a beta signal (lying, the suppression of crying).

And yet another states:

Pushing the tongue into the cheek can show pensiveness as the person thinks about something and tries to come to a decision.

You decide…


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