Politics: POTUS: DtS: It Sure Looks Like It Is About To Get Real Interesting, Real Soon, Folks…

Who knows…

Perhaps we are approaching what may very well be…
The most important Mid-Term Election in modern American History.
The most important Supreme Court nomination in modern American history, and…
The most momentous, even the most transformative, period in modern American history (at least since the Civil Rights era)…

Let’s play a game called “what if…” It goes a little ‘sumthin’ like this: What if Justice Kavanaugh (see what I did there) gets nominated? What if that puts a solid lock on the Supreme Court for non-swamp Republicans? What if that enables the President to declassify key documentation regarding FISA-Gate? What if this implicates key “Democratic” “leaders” and operatives? What if Sessions is ‘forced’ to unrecuse himself (with the backing of the Supreme Court no less)? What if Rosenstein exits? What if all of this leads to other potentially damaging (no… very damaging) declassifications? What if this leads to a “red tsunami” on November 6th? What if President Trump, with a solidly Republican House and Senate, and with a Conservative Supreme Court, and with increasingly de-swamped intelligence (and other executive) agencies under his command, declassifies even more damaging information, and engages in related necessary and decisive acts? What if this leads to some pretty high-profile arrests (federal grand juries anyone? +50,000 PACER-verfied sealed indictments?)? What if those arrested do not have a liberal (left-leaning) Supreme Court to flee to for cover? What if this causes panic, even riots, in some parts of the country (namely certain major cities)? What if there are “armies” already in the U.S. (not literally but think what’s been in the news over the years) that are ready to join in on the mayhem (perhaps even being ‘instructed’ to do so by the ‘panicked ones’)? What if measures are necessary to restore order, measures that many will falsely spin as “fascist,” “totalitarian,” “Hegelianly-arranged;” and (foolishly… per legitimate, historic precedent in our nation) “utterly un-American?” What if our economy takes a very serious hit as a result of such a (potential) crisis? What if foreign governments seek to take advantage (they will fail)? What if this opens the door for a needed global economic reset / realignment? What if this is the closest thing to a “clean-slate” “refresh” that we have ever seen? What if America comes out on top (though not without serious struggle)? What if the world is better off as a result?. What if we not only MAGA but KAG as well? No delusional “utopias;” no esoteric”world orders;” no “Pax Americana” (in some arrogant, grandiose sense); but just… much, much better (so much better, hugely better, even that ‘you wouldn’t believe how much better…“-type of better).

God only knows; all things are in His hands. But hey, this is all silly talk right? These “what if’s,” that is. Most people would laugh at such foolish questions… wouldn’t they? Surely ABC/NBC/CBS/CNN/MSNBC/BBC/NYT/WP/HP/Buzzfeed/Politico/etc. would scoff… right? and you know that they can all be trusted… all of them… 100%… don’t you… don’t you now? (it’s not like they, or the corporations/moguls owning them, have anything major to lose… do they?). So maybe the above is pure nonsense. Maybe it’s just alt-right propaganda. Maybe it’s just the figment of overly-imaginative imaginations. Or… maybe… the what ifs are the logical result of some very serious, very credible, Qualitative research and Analysis. Only time will tell (since I surely do not know the future and would never claim to know — but can’t help but wonder… “does the future prove the past“). The best that I can do is objectively listen, research, ponder,  and ask (hopefully cogent) what if (and other, hopefully Astute) Questions. Let us pray for a positive outcome, in all things. May we thank God no matter what occurs (first, foremost, primarily, and utterly — knowing that all things work together for the good of His glory and His people). If all goes well, we owe it to His mercy and providence alone (we surely do not deserve it individually or as a nation). However, if all indeed goes well, let us consider the means that He has chosen to use — unto our good. Let us thank those praying to the True and Living God for this nation; let us thank those serving this nation (in the Armed Forces); let us thank those otherwise working on behalf of this nation; and let us not forget to thankyou.

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