Politics: POTUS: DtS: Take Six Minutes To Learn Why America Is About To Radically Change (POWERFUL!)

Note: Believe it or not, I long to return to posting primarily on health and overall well-being, the arts, travel, life hacks, etc.; however, between now and November 11th (not just November 6th but straight through November 11th) is the second most important point in modern American history (the first being the very election of President Donald J. Trump). If you have not seen this video, or more accurately, if you do not have a strong grasp on the content covered therein, you will miss the vast importance of this current mid-term election, and you will not understand what is to come not long thereafter (e.g. high profile arrests). Please watch this video; it is less than six minutes long, and it will no doubt significantly challenge, if not outright change, your existing world view / paradigm. This is no joke, we are at the very turning point of our Republic… a change is going to come, the storm is at the very gates.


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