Politics: POTUS: MAGA: QAnon: Patriots United

Note: Last night’s POTUS rally (along with other recent “Q Proof” drops) should have made it abundantly clear (with the “Air Q,” the POTUS retweet of the ‘Green Q’ video, and the “Double Point”) that President Trump is Q+, and that men like General Flynn, Admiral Rogers, et al, (in military / military intelligence) make up the backbone of Q. I thank God for Q+. Q, the QAnons and Autists, and all who honourably support them.

This is a beautiful and wonderful time; this is an international movement (Q is not limited to the U.S., though it is led by our leaders. Qanons are in the U.K., Italy, Poland, Australia, Brazil, the Americas, Germany, the Netherlands, and I’m sure in many other places, across the various continents). It isn’t about race or nationality; it is about standing up for what is right. As a person of mixed African, European, and Native American descent, I am ecstatic that people of colour are fleeing the Democrat plantation in record numbers; we see who the true racists are (the same party that gave us the KKK, Jim Crow, the Welfare state, etc.; the same party that actually turns on black folks, and others, for daring to abandon their sinking ship). The true lovers of freedom, civility, integrity, justice, and equality are the new wave of Republicans who have backed this current President. We know that Donald J. Trump is indeed draining the swamp; draining Washington of both the swamp Democrats and the swamp (Establishment/Neocon/RINO) Republicans.

The Bush/Clinton/Obama regimes, with their detrimental social/economic/political policies, have done much harm to this nation. Yet, we’ve already seen significant change for the better under President Trump — and more greatness is sure to come (Lord willing). We cannot go backwards; we must push forward; we must take America back. Conservatives must have the Presidency, House, Senate, and the Supreme Court (all as God wills) — having/maintaining a strong Gubernatorial majority would be great as well… So please, vote Republican November 6th, fight for this nation, fight for the very best of our Western values, culture, and liberties — and may God be with us in this endeavor. If He is not, there is no hope of success. If He is, then we have won already.

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