Modern Physiognomy: Politics: Conservatives really are better looking, research says – The Washington Post

“The researchers also suggest that voters correctly see candidates who are more good looking as more likely to be conservative. When voters don’t know much about candidates, they tend to use beauty as a cue for ideology.”

Click: Conservatives really are better looking, research says – The Washington Post for the rest of the article…

Note: As men, we shouldn’t get too caught up in superficial beauty (especially as it relates to glamour / excess make-up). Though reality (human nature) dictates that we definitely appreciate physical beauty when we see it, the physical is fleeting and sometimes blinding; it’s the substance that ultimately (for the immediate and long term) should count.

Nonetheless, I have another explanation for why studies suggest Conservatives are more attractive… and that is be cause people naturally gravitate towards (1) traditional femininity (in women), (2) traditional masculinity (in men), (3) a generally kempt, hygienic, and otherwise normal appearance (e.g. no excess tattoos or piercings; unbecoming hairstyles and colours; other strange body mods; etc.); (4) a benevolent demeanor and demure; and (5) a physiognomic trait set that suggests honesty, kindness, intelligence, and other amiable characteristics that are often missing in the more extreme [viraginous (f), or effete (m)] social justice warrior/antifa/radical liberal types.

Speaking for many grown men, a woman that dresses conservatively, acts femininely, thinks intelligently, and behaves honourably, is of far greater value (as it relates to personal, intimate relationships) than someone who looks like a supermodel-type but comes loaded with excess drama, baggage, and the like. Moreover, inner beauty often (though not always) reflects to some degree on the outer form; especially if you know what to look for. I study the non-prognosticative forms of Western (Personology, Behavioural Genetics, etc.), Far Eastern (Mien Shiang/Xiang; Gwansang; Ninsougaku), Vedic (Samudrika Shastra), advanced A.I.-based, and hopefully soon, the Middle Eastern (Al Ferasa), and the Russian (Socionics) forms of Modern Physiognomy, and see it often… I have a lot more to learn, but am convinced, knowing that the truth is often right in our face…


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