Traditional Values/Relationships: “What About The Men That Can’t Get A Woman?” | RF SQUARE | YouTube Video


[Caveat: Not a blanket endorsement of the YouTube channel, speaker, his other videos, etc.]

But What About The Men That Can’t Get A Woman? What about the ones that simply don’t have a choice?

Note: I’ve been married for two decades now. Right before that, I was purposely celibate for three years at what many would call one’s “sowing-oats prime” (prominent law school, dorm life, in NYC). I knew that quality was, and is, far more important than quantity. I also knew that I didn’t want to “slip up” and accidentally have a child with someone that I otherwise wouldn’t want to be the mother of my child. Moreover, I quickly learned that outward beauty is by no means a guarantee of inner beauty (and there was no shortage of outward beauty in NYC).

Many of the most beautiful (and not as beautiful) women I encountered were absolutely not wife material; and yet, many of the women that guys passed over (chasing the outwardly “glamourous”) were the real gems, from a mental/emotional/cultural point of view. Superficial nonsense is really just… nonsense. Truth is, men often focus on the wrong things (Junior High and High School preps us to think like lustful fools). These environments push the notion that female approval (or anyone else’s) somehow validates you. It just isn’t true. You’re not less of a man if you do not have a woman, or many women; you are less of a man if you follow the crowd and do, and think, as everyone else does (if it means doing things that aren’t moral, ethical, beneficial, etc.).

Men should focus on knowledge, growth, development, not on “getting a girl,” let alone shacking up with one. When men are truly secure in themselves, 9/10 they will find a woman — hopefully a good one. The idea that there are men out there who can’t find a woman usually means they (1) have a significant condition of some sort that limits them; (2) are living in the wrong area or looking in the wrong places; (3) are going after the wrong women (quite common); or are (4) just one of those rare cases where things just haven’t fallen into place. Regarding (3), remember, contrary to the MGTOW mantra there are still amazing women out there. Those who swear they are the prize, and that you must want them, are often the biggest jokes (it’s amusing to watch). However, the women who just want a good husband, good home, healthy family, etc. don’t play these games (at least not nearly to the same degree) and they definitely don’t go around playing the field. Sadly you may have to “go foreign” (abroad, or regarding those who have immigrated here) to find such a one.  Many of the most interesting, intelligent, dignified, traditional, and just all-around lovely (and feminine) women I’ve encountered have been (1) non-Americanized foreign ones and (2) first-generation, but not-yet–Americanized, Americans (those retaining their parent’s traditional ideals and mindsets). I’ve met “regular” (non-foreign) American women of this nature as well, they’re just fewer and farther between in my experience (and from what I’m hearing today amongst those men still seeking). Men (and women) just need to be careful, practice abstinence, and wait until the time is right. The goal is to not be hungry/thirsty but to get your life in order so that you are properly prepared if/when the right one is providentially brought before you.

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