Health: Heart: Rule Out Risk for a Heart Attack: ONE (1) MINUTE TEST: Dr. Berg: YouTube

Dr. Berg teaches you a simple test to rule out risk of a heart attack. Its all about your recovery after exercise.

Those people who can recover fast have a lower risk of getting a heart attack. This stems from the system that controls recovery – autonomic nervous system, specifically – parasympathetics. This system is always in the background causing you to recover and bounce back.

Assess your resting pulse rate, then peak pulse rate after 1 minute of exercise (70% of max.), then re-check your recovery pulse rate 1 minute later. Subtract the Peak pulse rate from the recovery pulse rate to get your number.

  • Less than 12 beats recovery: Higher Risk
  • 13-20: Moderate Risk
  • 21-40: You’re good 40+: Real fit

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