Politics: Common Sense: Selina Soule Speaks Out Against the Equality Act (H.R. 5): YouTube

Note: This is a sad and (quite frankly) disturbing scenario, one not found in the realm of mere fiction but of fact, and it is young women (real women) who are suffering as a result. If someone with a delusional condition wants to self-identify as [fill in the blank] it is their choice (or lack thereof per some) to do so. If leftists want to perpetuate their delusion, affirm them in said delusion, or even encourage them in that delusion, that is there choice to do so — albeit with limits. You see, make believe is “fine” up to a point; pretend time is your decision to engage in so long as it doesn’t impact other people. However, once subjective fantasy/delusion interferes with objective reality; once real women are really victimized/discriminated against, and once they are really denied vital economic/academic/related opportunities (all due to males who think they’re females), make believe must come to an end, and objective, scientific reality must take precedence over all feelings, emotions, desires, proclivities, etc.

We are living in dark, deadly, and very evil times. Lord willing, and I truly mean Lord willing, society will be awakened from this madness and will turn again to the common sense, scientific, and altogether biblical principles that made this nation (and others) great. Let real women, of all ages, have opportunities to further their physical, academic, and economic well-being without fear of undue intrusion/interference. If your heart is set on giving the trans “equal opportunity,” the answer is simple — setup a third category of sports wherein they can compete against each other. Allow men to compete against men, women to compete against women, and trans-identified people to compete against other trans-identified people. This is a far more reasonable solution than forcing absurdities on everyone else in some ridiculous scheme to promote a warped conception of “equal rights” for the trans community. We need to think intelligently, return to being rational human beings, and stop the politically-correct (social engineering) nonsense. Pray for these people, hope the best for them, seek to do them no harm, endeavour to do them honest/sincere good, but do not encourage them in their delusion (especially not to the extent that it harms actual women, and thus, society as a whole).

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