Diet: Keto (Subset): Going Carnivore? What about Vitamin C (Surprise Ending): KenDBerryMD: YouTube

Going Carnivore? What about Vitamin C (Surprise Ending)

Are you thinking about going Carnivore? The Carnivore Diet is becoming very popular, but there have been questions about Vitamin C and even SCURVY! If you are considering this diet you should know a few facts about Vitamin C.

There are people who have been practicing Carnivory for over a decade, and they have great skin, great muscles and all their teeth. How are they doing this when everyone Knows that you can only get vitamin C mostly from fruits and a little from veg??

Turns out, as is the case regarding many nutrition topics, we’ve only been told half the story. This video, and my other videos about the carnivore diet, may help clear up any confusion about the safety of the carnivore diet.

Note: So far, this is for informational purposes only given that I am on Keto but haven’t yet tested (i.e. personally vetted) Carnivore. I would like to give it a go; it’s just a matter of planning/prepping for the workweek.

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