Cognition: Words & Magic: Words Have Meaning: “This Is The True Power Of Words” | Men Square: YouTube

Note: This video shares an important lesson; however, it doesn’t take it nearly as far as it could be taken. This is evident by the use of the closing, have a nice day (I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, not when you know what nice originally means, and in some circles, still means).

Also note that I do not encourage researching, practising, dabbling in, or in any other way messing with the occult, or with the more advanced forms of psychology that blur the line (e.g. some of the more detailed aspects of neuro-linguistic programming). Just because something may work, may prove useful, doesn’t mean it is good for you. Unlocking certain doors can lead to you being a channel, a medium, for forces beyond your ability to control/manage. You can scoff at the “notion,” at the warning, or you can heed it… it is best to heed it.



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