Traditional Masculinity: Feminized America: YouTube

Important: This is not a blanket endorsement of the speaker, his other videos, the MGTOW movement as a whole, etc. What this set of six videos is, is a mind-opening exposition of how social engineering [brought about due to such key factors as the Industrial Revolution, World War Two (and the need for women in the workplace to fill-in for the absent men), The Baby Boom, the Social Unrest of the Baby Boomers, the Civil Rights Movement, the ramifications of the Vietnam War, etc.] led to the purposeful feminisation of America. This feminisation was designed by the public-policy makers (i.e. the officially empowered social engineers/urban planners/academics/etc.) to both (a) satisfy the increasingly discontent women (e.g. seeking ‘liberation’) and (b) pacify/control/stultify the increasingly discontent men. Wait until you hit the intro of part two (the “I Don’t Need a Man” monologue); it is brilliant…

Note: I believe that men and women should absolutely be treated equally… but not egalitarianly. Anyone, whether male or female, who puts in equal time, with equal effort, with equal know-how, with equal skills, and with equal overall ability, should be treated 100% equally — no exceptions.  However, if a woman believes that she should be treated 100% equally but that men in a relationship should continue being “the provider” (exclusively buying dinners/gifts, paying the bills, etc.), such women are deluded hypocrites (thankfully many, many women do not think this way). If a woman thinks that it is okay (or not as bad) for a woman to strike a man but that it should be criminal for a man to strike a woman, she is a deluded hypocrite (for the record, I eschew physical violence by either gender). If a woman believes that women on average should always be paid the same amount as men on average, though women are often (but not always) less willing to relocate when needed, put in the same amount of time and/or overtime, specialize in the more difficult aspects of the occupation (e.g. neurology/brain-surgery vs. general practice in medicine), engage in the “dirtier”/deadlier/harder jobs out there (deep sea fishing, mining, steel-work/welding, plumbing, other construction-related work, piloting, etc.) then she is a deluded hypocrite. Again, there are plenty of women who think rationally, fairly, and intellectually honestly — it’s just that the vast, vast majority of them are not third/fourth wave feminists, social justice warriors, and/or progressives (leftists). Sadly, the loudest, most obnoxious, and thus most catered to type tends to be the radicals — from such, men must walk away and never look back.

Finally, for our mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, aunts, schoolmates, neighbours, etc., I truly want to see objective equality of opportunity (for their own benefit and for the benefit of society). No one should ever be indiscriminately discriminated against. However, if women by and large are not interested in certain jobs, it is not the role of the government, or academia, to “make them interested.” Likewise, if certain personal decisions (like the ones mentioned above, in which they are free to make) inhibits their pay optimization, it is their decisions, and not “discrimination” that is the cause. It should be clear to all objective thinkers that third and fourth wave feminists simply do not want equality based upon consistently equal effort, decisions, and qualifications; what they want is equality of pay and title without a consistent need for equal effort, skill-levels, necessary decision-making, flexibility, etc. Such a mindset is nothing short of absurd. You simply cannot take the equal out of equality. We need a meritocracy, we need merit-based decision-making, and not the kind of hyper-social Idiocracy, and emotional/political decision-making, that abounds in our day.

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