Politics: Race-Baiting: Trumps tweets ARE NOT racist: The Amazing Lucas: YouTube

So everyone is losing their minds about Trump’s recent tweet telling the stooges to go back to their country which many are saying is racist. Surprise…it’s not.

My Note: It’s sad Lucas has to explain the obvious; nothing stated by Trump in the tweet, when read in context, is racist. His point was simply to strive to fix your own nation (for those who aren’t native-born) before coming to America and trying to change our way of life. Think about it: Omar could not speak nearly as freely, travel nearly as freely, serve in government nearly as freely, etc. in her own country (i.e. of origin), as she can here, and yet she feels the need to bash the U.S., downplay 9/11, etc. It’s despicable, and yet, rather than acknowledge the context, the leftist frauds seek to turn this into a (false) race issue. It’s completely disingenuous and thankfully, many black people, and other “people of colour” are waking up to this — I know I have (long time ago). We (collectively) have to leave the plantation en masse to break from the nonsense; this is what BLEXIT is all about.


    • As a xenophile, I love encountering people from different lands, cultures, etc. Exposure to their food, dress, language, music, dance, points of view, literature, other aspects of the fine arts, etc. is a huge plus for me… so long as they aren’t (1) seeking to setup enclaves by taking over large parts of towns and cities or (2) seeking to recreate this nation (and its laws and norms) in the image of the countries they left.

      When I visit other nations, I obey the laws, treat the native population with honour, and would never set out to try to change their government, culture, etc. For me, it’s a matter of respect. If one hates the nation to which they emigrate (or to which their parents emigrated), let them go back “home.” While they are there, they can make their own homeland better (showing us how it’s done); at which point, they can garner the credibility necessary to earn them serious consideration. Until then, it is empty, divisive, political rhetoric.

      Finally, this “Squad” is essentially anti-Western, Anti-Christian, anti-Caucasian, anti-Capitalism (I am a staunch capitalist but disdain the abuses of our modern Corporate-Socialist / Neo-Corporatist system), and clearly anti-intellectual when you listen to what they actually have to say. Omar is in serious legal trouble right now; AOC is taken seriously by no one outside of her constituency and a relative few leftists nationwide (and may have her own legal concerns); Tlaib is just a mad woman with no credibility whatsoever; and the other one (who’s name I’ve forgotten) isn’t really the focus of much attention… So with that said, I believe President Trump is right; there is simply nothing racist about what he said concerning this specific group of individuals.

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