Economics: Politics: Feminism: “The Left is Wrong. There is No Gender Wage Gap” | PragerU: YouTube

This whole claim of a gender wage gap…
It’s TOTALLY false.
It compares total earnings, not pay earned for the “same work.”

My Note: We have to continue to combat the stupidity. In any given occupation, I want all people with equal ability, legitimate time put in, nature of work, and quality of work, to earn the same amount (without regard to gender) because I believe that merit should be the primary earning criteria. However, those pushing the “wage gap” myth disagree. They hide, or downplay, the fact that the differences in earnings are truly best explained by the reality that men are more likely to:

  1. Work a lot of over-time / become workaholics.
  2. Relocate to less desirable areas that pay more.
  3. Specializes in the more demanding areas of their profession (which also often pays more; think neurosurgeon over general family practitioner).
  4. Work in harder/dirtier/more dangerous/less desirable occupations (i.e. those that (1) women are less interested in, on average, and (2) that often pay more. Think oil rigs, rough sea fishing).
  5. Work in higher-paying STEM fields, as opposed to lower paying social-related fields.

We have to consider the subject honestly; something most leftists are incapable of doing. Don’t fall for the propaganda. These people want us divided, pitted against each other; they do not want, nor do they promote, the easily verifiable truth.

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