Gender Identity Politics: Soycialism: “Mario Lopez is a Coward” | Amazing Lucas: YouTube

“By apologizing to this ‘outrage mob’ all he’s done is added gas to the flame of ‘intolerance’, ‘trans-phobia’, ‘bigotry’ and every other pejorative that’s been weaponized to silence common sense. I don’t stand with cowards because they’re the same group of people that would betray you and everything they hold to be true to save their own skin. If this is what the country has become then get me a ticket to Mars, I’m over it.”

My Note: I seriously do not like to make things personal regarding individuals, and despite the video title, I don’t really want to make this about Mario himself (as a human being); however, like Lucas, I’m sick to death of the compromisers and cavers — they can be far worse than the people who actually promote this nonsense, because they add a sort of ‘conservative’ legitimacy to it. That being said, I must remember that there are crazies out there; no telling what was said or threatened that made Mario quickly ‘apologise.’ I have to keep that possibility in mind, and yet nonetheless, Lucas is spot on concerning what Mario did. I  love how Lucas said ‘never apologise for telling the truth;‘ because, in so doing, you are effectively calling good evil and evil good.

The battle is for your mind people; I can’t stress this enough. If you do not think, write, and speak the way the crazies/leftists/progressives want you too, they can make life really, really difficult for you (many hold positions of power). So when prominent people cave and backtrack like this, it makes it harder for those who still have a pair (forgive the language) to continue to stand.  Yet, stand we must. Why? Because only a fool would think that the feelings of a three year old should be a prominent factor in determining whether they should be placed on hormone therapy, allowed to play ‘different-sex-dress-up,’ or (God forbid) have some kind of life-altering surgery. We live in dark, dark times; this mess has got to stop. If people cower instead of speaking up, it will only get worse.  If anyone has a problem with this… ultimately, the problem is and will be yours.

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