Health: Eyes: The Most Important Vitamins For the Eyes: Dr. Berg: YouTube

In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the most important vitamins for the eyes. A lot of the problems of the eye is triggered by high levels oxidation usually from too much blood sugar or high levels of insulin which can also deplete certain nutrients as well.

Important Nutrients for the Eyes:

  1. Zinc: Allows vitamin A to work, lots of zinc in the eye, cataracts, macular degeneration
  2. Vitamin A: Night blindness, dry eyes, cataracts, macular degeneration
  3. Vitamin D: Cataracts
  4. Vitamin B1: Cataracts, retinopathy
  5. Vitamin B2: Cataracts, Macular Degeneration
  6. Vitamin B3: Glaucoma
  7. Carotenoids (Lutein, Zeaxanthin): Macular Degeneration

Good Source of Vitamin B: Nutritional Yeast

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