Traditional Masculinity: Best Short Video On The Subject : What Is Wrong With Men These Days? | Elliot Hulse: YouTube

Warning: A couple of instances of vulgarity if you have little ones around.

My Notes: At under eight minutes, this is the best video I’ve seen on traditional masculinity and the increasing demise of it.  We’re becoming a joke worldwide. We’re becoming feckless, effete, soft, inept. We have to learn/relearn to be both formidable and formidable. If you’re a man, strive to gird yourself like one; refuse to cave, refuse to pander. Why? Because this is a sick and broken world… and it’s going to take godly, traditional (ye even actual) men and women to fix it. The research is clear, I’m convicted, and I’ve already started making vital changes in my life. If you have some semblance of clarity on the matter as well, I hope you will be aided in your journey, as you take the necessary steps to be the best (real/actual) man you can be.


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