Baphometic Age: Character Art: “The End Begun”: Sculptures From The Outworld By Kenny Carmody

“Kenny Carmody is a professional 3D Character Artist at Cloud Imperium Games with talent that stretches across modeling, texturing, and concept development, where he displays an incredible eye for lighting and detail. He has most recently worked on films such as The Mummy, Godzila: King of Monsters, Alita: Battle Angel and others.”

For the rest of the images, click: “The End Begun”: Sculptures From The Outworld By Kenny Carmody

My Note: For approaching two decades now, I’ve called it, and continue to be right. However, this is one of those things that I would have greatly preferred to have been wrong about. I have maintained for many years, well before it became popular in media/art, that you will see the mainstreaming of aliens/UFO’s and the mainstreaming of what I used to call the Age of Craft but now call the Baphometic Age. What I didn’t call but should have been able to, was the increasing merging/conflating of the two. The artwork in the linked collection is a sampling of how what is made to look cool, exciting, thrilling in Sci-Fi art has very dark, occult, and even demonic aspects to it.

Regarding this merging, and recent displays of it in a very subtle form, consider Spiderman: Far From Home. Not sure how many caught the various ‘subliminal’ references to things political and occult, but if you watch/rewatch (not advising you to… you’d be better off not) look out for: references to ‘witches running things’ (one of the teacher/chaperones mentions it twice), “vote for women” (on MJ’s shirt for quite some time), Spiderman landing in the pentagram with fire around it (in the first illusion trap section), and “if you believe in Telekinesis raise my hand” (shortened to “believe in telekinesis,” as Peter’s shirt is wrinkled.positioned in some scenes) — this is all I can remember but there was more.

I’m done with these films; a good resource for the mixing of the occult and Sci-Fi can be found here (and in their other videos – though not an endorsement of their soteriology/religious imagery), its what helped me give this stuff up:

Finally, remember that (1) Aleister Crowley’s Demonic “Guardian Angel” LAM predates the UFO “greys” (note the resemblance);  (2) much of Sci-Fi and “Giant Monster” imagery stems from concepts associated with H.P. Lovecraft and H.R. Giger (heed the warning in the linked article for Giger; also compare Giger’s Baphomet to the original), both of whom derived their material from the occult; and (3) many others in Hollyweird (associated with creating these images and story lines) are, themselves, deeply steeped in the occult.

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