Politics: WalkAway/Blexit: Liberalism is Harmful to the Black Community: Malcolm X on Liberals

My Notes:

  • I do not hold to the earlier anti-Caucasian stance to which Malcolm held; as he aged and progressed, he saw that their were decent people amongst all ethnicities… as well as harmful ones. The goal is to truly judge people (on both sides) by their character and conduct and not by their skin colour, accent, nation of origin, etc.
  • I do not hold to Malcolm’s religious views; he was a (black) Muslim, I am a “High-Calvinist” Christian, so our views on the divine, the spiritual, are very very different. Nonetheless, his views on morality, right conduct, etc. match many current Conservative views, and he promoted a mode of living very different than what the left promotes today.
  • Finally, my strong stance against liberals is due heavily to Malcolm’s influence. In my younger days (high school and undergrad), I associated with many who were followers of Malcolm’s ideology. Because of my associations, and because of my belief that right behaviour and economic independence is the best antidote to many of the ills in the black community, I have (for most of my life) been against liberal politics. All it does is derange, delude, derail, and diminish the psyche and growth of men and women. God turned me from the more negative views of those with whom I once associated, and led me to the Gospel truth, but I still believe that Malcolm is correct when he taught that liberals, were not the friend of the black community but the enemy of it, the enabler of it, keeping the status quo, keeping us needy, poor, beholden, hedonistic, materialistic, scared, etc. It’s time to leave the swamp; it’s time to leave the Democrat Party.

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